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  • eZee BurrP - Restaurant and Bar POS Software
    eZee BurrP!
    POS software is very cost effective for network. Extremely Easy-to-use, faster and feature filled
    eZee POS Main Screen
  • Strong and Secure Database
    eZee BurrP!
    POS software is driven by MS SQL Server 2005 database, at no additional cost.
    Strong & Secure Database
  • Accounting Interface
    eZee BurrP!
    Integrates with Quick Books and Tally. This interface transfers Sales and Purchase data to your accounting software automatically.
    Accounting Interface
  • Remote Reporting
    eZee BurrP!
    offers ReportAnyWhere. Without heavy investments, look at all important reports anywhere from internet. ReportAnyWhere gives latest report as delayed as less then a minute.
    Remote Reporting
  • Self Customized Receipt and KOT
    eZee BurrP!
    comes with easy to use tool to customized your Receipts and KOT.
    Self Customized Receipt and KOT
  • Mobile BurrP!
    eZee BurrP!
    offers the facility to take orders from PDA and iPad devices.
    Mobile BurrP!
  • Password/Finger Print/Smart Card Login
    eZee BurrP!
    offers different login options to match your requirement.
    Password/Finger Print/Smart Card Login
  • Integrated Inventory Management
    eZee BurrP!
    includes full inventory management with multistore and multi unit capabilities.
    Integrated Inventory Management
  • Restaurant, Bar, Night Club, Casino, Home Delivery, Take Away
    eZee BurrP!
    is suitable to your operation. It includes features like Loyalty Program, Membership Cards, Happy Hour pricing, Kitchen Display. Combo Items and full audit trail.
    Restaurant, Bar, Night Club, Casino, Home Delivery, Take Away
  • Floor Plans
    eZee BurrP!
    offers you to design your seating arrangement.
    Floor Plans
  • Multiple Language Support
    eZee BurrP!
    has capability to translate in any language. On network, it can be in different language for different user.
    Multiple Language Support
  • Credit Card Processing
    eZee BurrP!
    includes credit card processing interface to X-Charge Payment Server, enabling Preauth/Capture, Sale/Add Gratuity using IP or Modem.
    Credit Card Processing
  • Open to Hardware Make and Model
    eZee BurrP!
    works with all hardware offered by major vendor like PosiFlex, Star, Epson, Symbol and others.
    Open to Hardware Make and Model
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At eZee Technosys we always insist our clients to play around with the demo version before they buy the software.
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BurrP! Pricing Starts with 50$ per month

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Software Overview

eZee BurrP! - A fully integrated Intuitive Restaurant POS Software.

eZee Technosys is a leading hospitality technology solutions provider with its presence in more than 70 countries around the globe. eZee provides various hospitality products like eZee FrontDesk - Hotel Management Software, eZee Reservation - Web Based Hotel Reservation Software and eZee BurrP - A Restaurant POS System.

eZee BurrP! point-of-sale is suitable to work in restaurants, bars, night clubs, quick service
BurrP! CD
restaurant, delivery and other operations. Its simple approach, ease of use and rock-solid reliability makes eZee BurrP! a great system for your POS needs. Whether your restaurant is a single store or a part of nation wide chain, we will help you achieve simplicity in restaurant management.

eZee BurrP! works on touch screen as well as on desktops. The main modules include table reservation, material management, web based reporting, kitchen display system, loyalty programs, promotions and gift vouchers, payroll, definition of standard recipe and lot more. Restaurant or Bar managers can easily manage menu items, inventory, indent, new orders, delivery and also reservation with eZee BurrP! point of sale software.


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