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Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have any questions/problems with eZee BurrP!, there's a good chance you'll find your question answered here. If this FAQ list does not answer your questions, please refer to help file for more information or please contact eZee BurrP! support team. Thank you.

When I start eZee BurrP! it says "Database can not be connected"

If you are getting this message on a computer which is connected to a network, then please check that you have configured the IP address properly. You will see a new window in which you have to select client from the drop down menu. Enter the IP address of the server machine or the computer name.

If you are getting this message on a standalone machine, then your software installation was unsuccessful or got corrupted for some other reason. Please contact eZee Support for assistance.

Nothing happens when i run the setup, what should i do?

TThis usually happens when the setup file has not been downloaded properly. Please download the setup again from the website. It could also happen if your computer is running anti-virus software. You should turn off the anti-virus, windows firewall, set user access control at minimum level and try running the setup again.

When I start eZee BurrP!, It gives me an error message “System file corrupted”, what should i do?

This message usually comes when your local regional settings does not support the default eZee BurrP! Settings. Please contact eZee Support for further assistance.

Upon fresh installation what is start up password for "Admin" user?

When you install eZee BurrP! for the first time on a computer, by default the system does not have any set password for Admin user. Please select the admin from the user list and set the password. You can change the password whenever required.

Why is date so important in eZee BurrP!?

All sales and inventory data calculation is tied with the date and time. We recommend you that you set the correct date and time for data accuracy. Make sure to check the computer date before installing eZee BurrP!.

What is the difference between the trial version (demo) and the license version?

The 30 days trial version is a fully functioning evaluation copy. The only difference between the trial and full version is that you cannot restore the database in Trial version. In addition, the trial version will stop functioning after 30 days. Upon expiration, you can contact eZee Support for further assistance.

Can I continue using the data which I created during the trial version when I purchase the full license version?

Yes, you will be able to continue using the same database when you purchase the license for the full version. If you want to transfer the database to a new computer, you will be able to do it as well. In order to do this, please take a copy of the database from the computer which had the trial version and transfer it to the new computer.

I want to delete my demo data and start over with real data. How can I delete demo data?

You can easily delete the trial version data. If you want to keep your property information such as menu, item configuration, table layout, etc. and delete all the process data such as KOT, receipt, etc, you can do that as well. Please contact eZee Support after taking the database back up. If you don’t want to keep your property information and transaction, please re-install eZee BurrP!. Please refer “How to re-install eZee BurrP!” guide for more information.

What is your refund policy?

eZee offers a fully functional free 30 days trial version for you to test the software. We even offer free implementation and training during the trial period. As we have a 'try before you buy' approach, we do not offer a refund for the products.

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