In the first part of this blog, we talked about 8 out of 15 best restaurant marketing strategies you can apply in 2019. We discussed a myriad of things at length, and we’re sure you must’ve gotten a pretty good idea on the dos and don’ts for the coming year.

And we’re pretty sure that you must’ve included all the restaurant marketing strategies that we’d discussed in the previous part. Do reach out to us to share your opinions or comment below on how’d you find those strategies.

Now, without any further ado, let’s delve into the 2nd and the final part of this blog.

Have you imagined how your business would do in 2019?

Best restaurant marketing strategies for 2019 - Part 2

Well, let me draw a picture of it. An extremely well cash inflow (of course!), flocking customers and loads of happy feedbacks along with the brightest of the smiles, right?

Well, everything that you are anticipating about the success of your restaurant business can come true – with a group of small to big effective steps.

Check out the other 7 fabulous restaurant marketing strategies

1. Develop your brand identity

One of the important factor to take into account is developing your brand. Your brand is something your restaurant is known the best for. Developing a unique brand identity has an unparalleled outcome on your customers, social media, ads and other marketing strategies.

Now, the first step to build the best brand identity is to KNOW your target audience. And when I say know, it doesn’t just include the age group. It also includes the region, preferred cuisine, and lots of other demographics.

Your brand identity should be built around your target patrons.

Are majority of your patrons are heath-freak, or families, or the teenagers? Figure out what your potential customers would ask for at your restaurant. Once you have an entire chronicle of the targeted customers, you are all set to build a unique brand for your restaurant.

After that, flaunt your brand identity on every social media platform, advertisements, and other promotional campaigns.

2. Food! Make the most of it

Food is certainly at the core of any restaurant business and you definitely CANNOT compromise with this important aspect.

The food you’re serving at your restaurant is the trademark of your restaurant, a benchmark differentiating you from your competitors. Now, how can you use food as a part of your restaurant promotion?

So let me tell you, no matter how strongly you boast about your restaurant’s service, location, and brand; nothing, absolutely nothing will be matched with food.

There is no love sincerer than the love of food.

So, you have to be consistent with the food you are serving. Add some new and really toothsome delicacies in your menu. Potato tornadoes, Turkish ice-creams or so on.

Moreover, don’t keep presenting the old same menu. Refurbish your menu from time to time with some really interesting names and details about the dish. With the growing age, people have inclined a lot towards a healthier life. So, try incorporating healthy options as well in your menu items.

3. Enlist your business on Google

Now, Google is a search engine that gets 3.5 billions of searches per day (on an average).

Moreover, according to a study:

65% of smartphone users are looking for restaurant locations within walking and driving distance, 66% look for directions and 51% look for a contact number.


Firstly create a Google My Business page of your restaurant through Google My Business Listing. Include all your restaurant’s details like name, description, phone number, street address, hours of operation, images, menu and so on. Here’s an example of how Google Business Listing looks like for one of our clients El Kawther Restaurant in Egypt:

Google Business Listing of El Kawther Restaurant, Egypt

Now, Google has made it easier for restaurants like yours to get more discoverable and showcase the best of their menu items. You can add your restaurant menu directly into the Google My Business platform. When a user searches for “Your Restaurant”, it will display the information you have given to Google along with the URL of where your menu is placed. You can upload and edit the menu which will be displayed.

Above all, Google helps you get several useful customer insights. Your guests can directly review or message you from here.

4. Work on your ambiance

The ambiance is the second thing your diners acknowledge before choosing any restaurant. Let your ambiance be the USP (and also one of the key restaurant marketing strategies for your restaurant). When your guest selects your restaurant, it’s not just the food they consider, but rather the whole experience.

While reviving the ambiance of your restaurant in 2019, keep hygiene at the top of the list. None of your guests would appreciate eating food in a shabby place.

So right from the good music, spacious and comfy places, lights of your restaurant, alluring art on the walls; everything should be taken into consideration. An appealing ambiance has the capability to attract more guests.

5. Don’t forget the reviews

I don’t think I need to say much about the importance of online reviews these days. If you see the Google Business Listing image I shared, you’ll see that even Google emphasizes on the reviews you get.

Still, managing reviews and reputation remains a neglected aspect…

But make it a prominent one out of other restaurant marketing strategies for your restaurant in 2019. For that, firstly you need to reach out to your guests for feedbacks without fail. Moreover taking reviews itself is not enough, you need to manage those well.

Take your time to respond to each of them (especially the negative ones). You can even highlight a few on your restaurant’s website (if you have that). This will show that you really care about the people giving you reviews.

Besides, seeing those reviews; your guests are more likely to choose you over any other.

6. Give a try to Ads

With Google AdWords, you can create ads that can be displayed on Google search engine or on the Google Display Network. It bestows you with all kinds of free customization and targeting options that brings the most out of your bids.

Video Ads

This year try your hands on video ads. They are one of the neoteric and best restaurant marketing ideas. Create an awesome brand video of your restaurant; showcasing some of the mouthwatering dishes. Promote that video on all the social media platforms. Video ads have the capability to boost your online presence and increase your restaurant business as well.

Mobile Ads

Diners usually find the restaurants when they are on the move. Here’s where the mobile ads come in the picture.

Mobile phones – once a luxury have now become a necessity.

Marketing your restaurant on these devices can yield you with a positive ROI. Besides they are comparatively cost-effective than desktop ads, and of course, even have really amazing conversion rates.

7. Use the power of networking platforms

Email and SMS marketing is thought to be an old-school practice to use. But here’s where most of the restaurateurs are making a mistake. Because believe me, these communication tools have not lost their charm yet.

And certainly, with social messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Viber in the picture, you don’t need to rely on anything else.

Inform your guest about the happy hours, deals, offers and promotions you are running at your restaurant. If you have enough resources, you can also create a newsletter to send it to the customers. Highlight the new dishes you’re introducing at your restaurant, some health tips and so on in your newsletter to make it more attractive.

A restaurant POS system can help you with the SMS and email marketing in this case without a hitch.

Here we come to the end of the set of 15 best restaurant marketing strategies.

Out of all these 15 restaurant marketing strategies, some will reaffirm your business at the roots, while the others will transform it outwardly.

Some of the restaurant promotion ideas are new and some are not, but the brand new thing here is – your perspective towards them.

However,  if followed well and in order, these strategies can put your business in an exponential cycle of revenue generation and over the time, you will see your restaurant business deriving an order that you had earlier been struggling to achieve.

With this, let’s seal the year 2018 with all the happiness, contentment and lost of lessons and let’s welcome the coming year with steadfast strategies, a positive determination and a big dose of enthusiasm.

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