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8 effective ways to do social media marketing for restaurants

MARKETING is a tough yet a must-know concept to manage any business these days. And when it comes to the restaurant business, you cannot afford to sit back and watch the show.

There can be thousands of questions coursing through your mind as an F&B business owner. How to increase your footfalls? Which is the best way to attract more customers? It all comes down to marketing. You need to pave the way towards relevant audience building, effective and right marketing, and create yourselves a brand. And, if you are planning to include the social media marketing for restaurants in your strategies this time, there are a few important tips which will unquestionably help you.

Social media replaces nothing but compliments everything. – Neal Schaffer

So, why do social media marketing for restaurants anyway?

Well, more than 2.62 billion social media users across the world share their celebrations and events shot in a restaurant, not only with their friends but beyond that. So, it only seems natural that social media is the perfect place for people to connect and share a bit of themselves through their food posts.

Social media marketing for restaurants

For restaurant or any kind of food business owners, this is a huge opportunity to contemplate and derive the best ideas to do social media marketing for restaurants.

The most important factor lies in the fact that, social media marketing is very low on cost. And the 2-way interaction is yet another benefit which makes it more reachable. This makes social media inevitable for businesses now.

Now, when you begin to create an effective restaurant social media strategy, there are a few aspects which you need to look after, which go like:

Choosing the target audience: This is determined by various factors such as the theme you follow at your place, the type of eatery you have, and the kind of cuisine you offer.

Next, the message and platforms you use: Once you’ve zeroed in on your target audience, the next step you take is to finalize on what kind of message you want to send through to your target audience and from which platform.

Know your competitors and their strategies: Analyze your opponents to be aware of where you stand and work towards being better.

Once you have done all of these, you can go ahead and sketch out the social media marketing for your restaurant with below-mentioned tips.

8 effective ways to do social media marketing for restaurants

  1. Setup a complete social media profile
  2. The first step towards productive social media marketing for a restaurant is to create a profile on the platforms available. Currently, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest form the core of any social media marketing strategy. This will give your restaurant a good enough visibility to your targeted audience.

    And don’t just create the profile for the sake of doing it. Add each and every information that’s required, and set up the complete profile. Be active through that profile and gradually you’ll see how your restaurant reaches your audience.

  3. Be trendy in terms of content
  4. Social media is all about engaging with your audience, reaching to them right where they are. So, you need to be impressive with whatever content you create and post on the social media.

    Either you can display your culinary expertise, put up drooling pictures of the decadent dishes you create, share selfies with guests and staff, offer attractive discounts, and even show how your restaurant’s ambiance is .. well you can do lots of things!

    If you’ve got a proper recipe management system, you can even post recipes for your dishes to fascinate your guests.

  5. Your guests are the best marketing medium
  6. Because you’re interacting with your guests at a personal level, you can certainly ask them to rate and review you on your social media profiles. This will help you reach wider audiences and even be preferred by many.

    80 % of social media users said that they’re more likely to try new things based on what their friends suggest.

    More than that, there are high chances that they’ll check-in at your restaurant on Facebook or so, even post pics while dining at your restaurant. This will appear when anyone searches for your restaurant on social media.

  7. Do some audience building
  8. Adding guests as your friends or followers, and being active in one way or the other can be very fruitful. The more friends and groups you are connected to, the more recommended you’ll become on social media.

    You can even set up loyalty programs at your restaurant for your guests, which will make them visit again on a regular basis.

  9. Try connecting with online food apps
  10. You should consider partnering or signing up with online food apps viz. Zomato, Swiggy, Yelp, Foursquare and such likes to do social media marketing for restaurants.

    These food apps will increase your visibility and bring in more customers. Not only that but if you’re open to home delivery and takeaway options, then these apps will work to get orders for you.

  11. Use short videos for your restaurant’s branding
  12. Short videos are game changers. You can very effectively communicate with your audience by posting such videos, like the chef preparing a dish, how a day at your restaurant looks like or a 360-degree view of your restaurant.

    These kinds of messages get easily viral. Even a video of your customers savoring your dishes can help in social media marketing for restaurants.

  13. Manage your reviews on social media
  14. You need to be active on these social media platforms. If not anything, you need to be agile with the reviews you get there. Positive feedback is definitely good, but you need to keep an eye on the negative feedbacks. Even a single negative review can nosedive your rankings, if not handled wisely.

    So, keeping eye on such kind of activities is a very critical part of social media marketing for restaurants.

  15. Run paid advertising campaigns
  16. You can run paid ad campaigns on social media. Ads are much cheaper on Facebook and you can easily get more likes by running the ads in less advertising investment. Even if you spend $1 per day, you get across more than 4,000 people. So, if none of your competitors is investing in social media, then this time you’ve got to gain an edge over them.

Are you still wondering: Is social media worth it? Well then, know this:

eZee to manage your restaurant business

Essential tip to maintain your restaurant’s taste: Recipe Management

Styles evolve, but good taste never changes.

Well, ain’t that a fact said right?
Being a restaurant owner, you exactly know the impact of gourmet food and a good taste on your customers.

Over the years; your chef might change, you might choose another vendor for your supplies, the quality of the items used might vary; or a completely offbeat reason. But the fact remains, that maintaining the same taste of your menu items becomes arduous.

So, we’ve brought a problem-solver for you here. RECIPE MANAGEMENT.
Sounds familiar?

A recipe forms the crux of an F&B business. And its effective administration is something that can’t be ignored. An accurate recipe for any dish and a perfectly followed preparation process is what primarily lies behind good taste.

How does recipe management help?

A befitting recipe of a dish includes the ingredients to be used, amount in which they’re to be used and of course, the preparation time. Not just that, but it also includes the number of persons the dish will serve.

Recipe Management

Similarly, when you use a recipe management tool, you most necessarily need to maintain all the above mentioned requisites and keep it updated from time-to-time. Besides, you ought to make sure that this recipe is followed every time that dish is made, regardless of the location.

Enough said, a recipe management will help you in not just following the recipe and conclusively maintain the taste at your restaurant; but also let you keep an accurate record of the inventory at your restaurant.

Internally connected with the inventory and stock management at your restaurant, the recipe management will aid you in tracking your consumption on a daily basis of the items made, automatically updating your inventory.

Along these lines, once your stock and inventory levels go down, you’ll be notified to order new supplies; thence automating the complete process.

To sum things up, recipe management not only helps in preserving your restaurant’s taste, but it also plays a major role in restaurant management.

In the end, food is all about balance. It is all about taste.

Where does eZee come in picture?

Our restaurant POS system eZee BurrP! has a solid feature of recipe management along with an extensive inventory and stock management module. Check out these in detail here.

Enveloping all the features of an ideal restaurant management software, our POS system will automate and simplify your daily operations.

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Gaming Cult Pokémon GO: How to get in the spirit and create fortune for Restaurant Business?

“Gotta catch ‘em all.”
Sounds familiar? Yes, we are talking about Pokémons. Those little Pocket Monsters that remind you of childhood nostalgia and Game Boy. Cheers! with Pokémon GO they are back. But you are a restaurateur now – a grown-up – who got over that craze long back. Hang on, we are talking about just business here! Yes, people going crazy over it, can turn into an opportunity for you to make fortune.

Just released on July 6, the free-to-play game has taken the world by storm and is getting viral like anything. The new Augmented Reality mobile app is dramatically carrying forward the 20 years celebrated legacy of Pokémons while hitting up crescendo.

Now you are thinking, as a restaurant owner what you have got to do with Pokemons?
Having said that, let us foretell, ‘the streets around your restaurant or cafe are going to be packed with Pokémon hunters very soon. Those who rove around with eyes locked into their phones.’

Lure Pokemon Go gamers to your restaurants

And it could be a golden opportunity to network with potential customers aka Pokemon GO players. Even if you are not playing it you can cash in the craze.

The best thing is, gamers and non-gamers are equally maniac. Now, imagine if there is a PokeStop (an in-game location to collect items) at your restaurant. Then, your place could be invaded by those enthusiastic Pokemon chasers.

Basically, the game uses phone camera and GPS for the player to move around and turns the surroundings into a Pokemon hunting world. This location-based game makes the real person travel in the virtual world of Pokémons to capture them. While Pokémons in the app are found anywhere and everywhere, it requires quite a long walk to catch them. As long as they are traversing the city capturing the elusive Pokémons (as they clear level after levels!), it is strongly possible that they might land up at your property looking for a one.

When a bunch of people are standing outside your restaurant, with their smartphones in hands, this is how you greet them!

Here are some ideas on how you can translate this mania to benefit restaurant sales:

  1. First and foremost, you should join the league and learn to talk the Pokémon talk. Find out whether your restaurant is a PokeStop ? If not, explore all the PokeStops in and around your area, to locate the traffic of Pokémon spotters.If your property falls in short radius from a location, then the likelihood strikingly increases that you would find Pokémon GO players around you.
  2. Identify and connect with the people in your region who are most likely to be playing Pokémon GO. These Pokémon aficionados are your potential customers.
  3. Train and prepare your staff with Pokémon GO, stay consistently updated on gamers and gaming trends/techniques in your region. Set proper guidelines for players and playtimes. Because out of the blue, people wandering around the property premises would be no lesser unsolicited, right?
  4. Be smart with offers and discounts. This is where you can innovate.
    “If you’re Team Instinct, we give you 10% off ”
    “Come on in, you might find the Pokémon you have been looking for all around.”
    “This weekend: it’s Pokémon GO special”
    Special offers would certainly attract a pack of passionate Pokémon GO players to visit your place.
  5. There is an in-game purchasable object called Pokémon “Lure”. If you are near a PokéStop, you should consider setting up a Lure module at your place. These module stay active for a 30 minutes and attract virtual Pokémons and thereby real Pokémon chasers in the vicinity.
    For few dollars a day, you can entice the influx of Pokémon hunters drawn to the ‘Lure’. More visitors could result to uptick in sales. Light-bulb moment?
    Flaunt the Lure modules and tell them when they can find more Pokémons at your place. Know their stories of Pokémon chase and capture, find different ways to share them with mass audience. Many restaurants have already been implementing numerous practices to tempt gamers and have reported significant rise in sales.
  6. Not to forget: Battery Charging Portals
    As much as the game makes the player walk around draining their energy, the app can use the entire battery charge within just a few hours. Just think, at that time if you are offering battery charging portals at your place, gamers would definitely stream in to get charged again. Now it’s your turn to charm them with your hospitality and make them return.
  7. The power of social media is not to be missed:
    When a player shares a photo of a Pokémon captured at your restaurant, re-sharing them could get you rise in audience engagement. Roll out offers and perks for those who use your hashtags on social platforms. How about an online contest then? Do think about it.
  8. Produce an inventive Pokémon-special dish or a drink. On top of that, how the gamers would find new Pokémons in and around your place? Well, you spill the beans.
  9. Increase patronage. Simultaneously, do not forget about privacy of your current guests. Ensure they get enough space and can keep away from Pokémon noise.

Just a little study of what appeals millennial guests, and your mind will come up with hundreds of ideas as to attract them.

At the end of the day, what matters for restaurateurs and hoteliers is to just implement some practices to come in terms with modern-day customers. Refraining from what is ‘in’, would only slow your pace down.

Multitude of trends will come and go, but what will remain is your brand.

Hence, strive to leave impression on your guests, try to grab their attention by bringing in what appeals to them and get them talking about you.

Lastly, Pokémons and alike trends are just a means of getting millennial customers notice you, the power lies in the skill how you engage with them and build lifelong experience for them to return.

Restaurant Software and how to get quick ROI on it.


As any restaurant operator knows, putting money in the right Restaurant Management System is one of the most important investment you will make for your restaurant’s success. However, selecting the most appropriate technology for your F&B business can be a daunting task. You have to be clear about a number of conditions, like flexibility and features of the system, accessibility and see if the system is user-friendly for your staff, test the software yourself, the cost of the product and more. Nevertheless, as it is the lifeline of success in the restaurant business and there is no way around it, especially considering the fact that the pace of your service and fast transaction times is one the biggest factor of surviving in the industry. What restaurant’s often don’t take into consideration that even though it is a steep investment, a quick ROI on the restaurant software is assured.

If you feel that investing in a restaurant POS system is too much, just think how much will it cost when guests are no longer coming in because your food joint is famed for slow service and long waiting interval.


Here is how you get a quick ROI on restaurant software.

ROI on restaurant software

Diminish requirement of human resources

A powerful restaurant management solution will easily automate majority of the restaurant operations, helping you reduce the capital spent on human resources and staff requirement for running basic operations

  1. Depending on the size and type of your F&B business, a comparatively smaller amount of staff can also easily perform the operations through a powerful restaurant software.
  2. Reduction in man hours spent on performing routine time-consuming tasks like ordering, billing, table management and more.
  3. Moreover, the all-in-one system also saves time by computerizing the process of inventory management and reporting.

Increase in revenue

  1. As the system will help you automate the operating, resulting in faster service, increased table turnover and satisfied guest.
  2. The accurate reports from the restaurant software will help you make quicker, better decisions.
  3. Another great way to increase profits is to offer discounts. A strong restaurant pos software gives you immense control over managing discounts and happy hour systems.

Inventory management and loss control

A well-defined inventory management helps you cut down the losses that were occurring due to wastage of restaurant inventory.

  1. One of the basic way to save money to rigorous inventory control. What a restaurant POS will do is, ensure that you are not cheated and inventory is wasted, keeping costs down and profits high.
  2. Addressing shrinkage in your restaurant and bar is another important factor in managing the costs. A reliant restaurant software like eZee BurrP! offers electronic KOT system which eliminates the chances of human error and leaves no chances for tampering the system.

Helping you streamline your restaurant and bar business

  1. As all transactions are recorded in the restaurant management software, there is very little chance for human fiddling and tampering the accounts.
  2. Additionally, various detailed reports will give you a clearer description of the incomes, expenses, profit and losses occurring at the restaurant.
  3. Quicker and easier vendor management to ensure you are not getting deceived from any connected vendors.
  4. Updates from branch restaurants in a single place saves time.
  5. Enhanced menu management for easily upsell services
  6. A robust banquet management will give your establishment all the tools required to run your banquet efficiently.
  7. A loyalty program will allow the restaurant to create and process gift cards and keep attracting repeating guests.
  8. Restaurant software integrated with multiple 3rd party services, making it easier for your business to adapt the system with ease.


The above scenario was to give you a glimpse on how a POS can help you yield maximum returns on your investment. Now let me show you the losses you incur for not investing in a restaurant POS system

Now supposedly it takes 2 hours for your store manager to manually check the inventory in stock in the restaurant on a daily basis. In a week that is 14 hours, that amounts to 730 hours in a year! That means that on an average, you staff is spending 30 days in a year on just inventory and stock management!

Through an advanced restaurant software, your staff can perform the same task in less than 1/4th of the time it takes to do manually!

I can continue showing you the numbers or ask you to come out of the stone ages and try eZee’s all-in-one restaurant management software yourself.

Restaurant POS that fits your business

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Top Qualities of a Great Restaurant Waiter!

Top attributes to qualify as a great waiter


Restaurants are usually judged by the services they provide to their guests. Needless to say, most of the times, waiters are the first point of contact for guests. Hence, it is significant for them to manifest both professionalism and an air of dexterity.

In recent times, the guest’s expectations from the waiters have become pretty high, they look for complete comfort and extraordinary service when they are out dining and primarily it is up to the servers to make sure that they receive the services they came looking for. So what exactly defines a good waiter? The answer is here:


Waiters are the face of a restaurant. So, it is of utmost necessity that they are dressed in the most appropriate attire. Shabby, creased or stained uniform could be displeasing to the diners who are come to the restaurant to enjoy good food in a hygienic eRestaurant business depends a lot of the quality of waiting staff, they are face of a restaurant. So, it is of utmost necessity that offer a great service to your guests.nvironment. Thus, waiters need to neat, tidy and presentable to the guest, because the first impression is the last impression!


An ideal waiter is one who is punctual about his shift timings and is always present at the at the work station prior to his shift. This discipline and punctuality directly reflects the core values of the eatery.

Cordial & Hospitable:

While interacting with the guests, an ideal server always uses docile terms for addressing such as sir, ma’am and miss with a pleasant smile on the face. The response to customer’s questions needs to be gentle, accurate and polite. Silent laughs, snickering and side table remarks might not be taken well by the guests.

Profound knowledge of menu:

One of the most important attributes of being a good waiter is understanding the restaurant and its operations inside and out. A guest  favourite waiter will not only have profound knowledge about the restaurant but will also mesmerise the guest with his thoroughness. As a result, the waiter will freely interact with the guest and will be able to engage the guest with the restaurant in a true sense. Inspect the item before serving: The waiters who have the habit of inspecting food before serving saves everyone around from a lot of undesired drama, especially when there are special requests involved. A humble waiter always accepts and informs the guest if the orders have been messed up and apologizes for

Inspect the item before serving:

The waiters who have the habit of inspecting food before serving saves everyone around from a lot of undesired drama, especially when there are special requests involved. A humble waiter always accepts and informs the guest if the orders have been messed up and apologizes for any additional delay.

Observant & attentive:

After the order is served, a good waiter always keeps checking on the table he serving, from an adequate distance respecting the guest’s personal space. Ideally, he has to be vigilant about sitting arrangement of the guests, filling up empty glasses, cleaning up some unexpected spilling on the table and be there near the table if the guests need to place some more orders after finishing a course.

Quick post meal service:

A worthy waiter will always ask whether the guest is done with dining before taking away the dishes from the table. If there is some food still left in the dish, he can courteously ask if the food was all right. The table has to be cleared promptly, but not without asking the guest. A smart waiter will ask if there is anything more he can get for them, opening the avenue for the guest to order for desserts or juices.

Tip accepting manners:

When the guests are about to leave after their meal, the waiter must never show his eagerness to receive a tip from them or even mention about it, unless asked. If they have placed the tip on the table inside the invoice folder, it is important that the waiter is patient enough not to clasp or check the amount before they leave.

Restaurants have to be highly selective when hiring their staff especially the waiters as they are in direct touch with guests. In today’s era, it is not sufficient to know how to take orders and serve food. Guest look much beyond that in terms of personalized and efficacious services from restaurants and it is majorly upon the waiter’s shoulders to meet or exceed these expectations.