MARKETING is a tough yet a must-know concept to manage any business these days. And when it comes to the restaurant business, you cannot afford to sit back and watch the show.

There can be thousands of questions coursing through your mind as an F&B business owner. How to increase your footfalls? Which is the best way to attract more customers? It all comes down to marketing. You need to pave the way towards relevant audience building, effective and right marketing, and create yourselves a brand. And, if you are planning to include the social media marketing for restaurants in your strategies this time, there are a few important tips which will unquestionably help you.

Social media replaces nothing but compliments everything. – Neal Schaffer

So, why do social media marketing for restaurants anyway?

Well, more than 2.62 billion social media users across the world share their celebrations and events shot in a restaurant, not only with their friends but beyond that. So, it only seems natural that social media is the perfect place for people to connect and share a bit of themselves through their food posts.

Social media marketing for restaurants

For restaurant or any kind of food business owners, this is a huge opportunity to contemplate and derive the best ideas to do social media marketing for restaurants.

The most important factor lies in the fact that, social media marketing is very low on cost. And the 2-way interaction is yet another benefit which makes it more reachable. This makes social media inevitable for businesses now.

Now, when you begin to create an effective restaurant social media strategy, there are a few aspects which you need to look after, which go like:

Choosing the target audience: This is determined by various factors such as the theme you follow at your place, the type of eatery you have, and the kind of cuisine you offer.

Next, the message and platforms you use: Once you’ve zeroed in on your target audience, the next step you take is to finalize on what kind of message you want to send through to your target audience and from which platform.

Know your competitors and their strategies: Analyze your opponents to be aware of where you stand and work towards being better.

Once you have done all of these, you can go ahead and sketch out the social media marketing for your restaurant with below-mentioned tips.

8 effective ways to do social media marketing for restaurants

  1. Setup a complete social media profile
  2. The first step towards productive social media marketing for a restaurant is to create a profile on the platforms available. Currently, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest form the core of any social media marketing strategy. This will give your restaurant a good enough visibility to your targeted audience.

    And don’t just create the profile for the sake of doing it. Add each and every information that’s required, and set up the complete profile. Be active through that profile and gradually you’ll see how your restaurant reaches your audience.

  3. Be trendy in terms of content
  4. Social media is all about engaging with your audience, reaching to them right where they are. So, you need to be impressive with whatever content you create and post on the social media.

    Either you can display your culinary expertise, put up drooling pictures of the decadent dishes you create, share selfies with guests and staff, offer attractive discounts, and even show how your restaurant’s ambiance is .. well you can do lots of things!

    If you’ve got a proper recipe management system, you can even post recipes for your dishes to fascinate your guests.

  5. Your guests are the best marketing medium
  6. Because you’re interacting with your guests at a personal level, you can certainly ask them to rate and review you on your social media profiles. This will help you reach wider audiences and even be preferred by many.

    80 % of social media users said that they’re more likely to try new things based on what their friends suggest.

    More than that, there are high chances that they’ll check-in at your restaurant on Facebook or so, even post pics while dining at your restaurant. This will appear when anyone searches for your restaurant on social media.

  7. Do some audience building
  8. Adding guests as your friends or followers, and being active in one way or the other can be very fruitful. The more friends and groups you are connected to, the more recommended you’ll become on social media.

    You can even set up loyalty programs at your restaurant for your guests, which will make them visit again on a regular basis.

  9. Try connecting with online food apps
  10. You should consider partnering or signing up with online food apps viz. Zomato, Swiggy, Yelp, Foursquare and such likes to do social media marketing for restaurants.

    These food apps will increase your visibility and bring in more customers. Not only that but if you’re open to home delivery and takeaway options, then these apps will work to get orders for you.

  11. Use short videos for your restaurant’s branding
  12. Short videos are game changers. You can very effectively communicate with your audience by posting such videos, like the chef preparing a dish, how a day at your restaurant looks like or a 360-degree view of your restaurant.

    These kinds of messages get easily viral. Even a video of your customers savoring your dishes can help in social media marketing for restaurants.

  13. Manage your reviews on social media
  14. You need to be active on these social media platforms. If not anything, you need to be agile with the reviews you get there. Positive feedback is definitely good, but you need to keep an eye on the negative feedbacks. Even a single negative review can nosedive your rankings, if not handled wisely.

    So, keeping eye on such kind of activities is a very critical part of social media marketing for restaurants.

  15. Run paid advertising campaigns
  16. You can run paid ad campaigns on social media. Ads are much cheaper on Facebook and you can easily get more likes by running the ads in less advertising investment. Even if you spend $1 per day, you get across more than 4,000 people. So, if none of your competitors is investing in social media, then this time you’ve got to gain an edge over them.

Are you still wondering: Is social media worth it? Well then, know this:

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