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Why to connect online food ordering portals to your restaurant POS software?

Not every time your customers visit your website, right?

But, whenever they get hungry and want to order the food, they surely visit the brands like Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda, and Uber Eats.

These restaurant online ordering systems provide you with the space to advertise your restaurant where your customers are actually searching for you!

So, why not make the most out of it?

Now, how will this integration help you?

Revenue-earning Channels Get Added to Your List

Revenue-earning channels get added to your list

Since your restaurant will be connected with these online food ordering portals, your brand value and visibility will increase, earning you higher revenue.

Online Order Management is Streamlined

Online order management is streamlined

With this centralized restaurant management system, you’ll be able to see orders from all the connected channels and even manage all the guests’ information effortlessly.

Your Confirmed Customer’s List will Increase

Your confirmed customer’s list will increase

It’s the win-win situation for you because once a customer order the food, these portals don’t allow to cancel the order that eliminates food waste. Also, the expenses guarantee will be provided in case of any delay, theft, or other thing happens during a food delivery. Hence, you can focus more on providing the best customer satisfaction

Quick and Easy Update on Menu Items

Quick and easy update on menu items

With real-time data in our restaurant POS software, you can easily update the menu items and daily specials which are sold out to avoid over-ordering of the food.

Quick Service Increases Your Repeat Customers

Quick service increases your repeat customers

This integration of our restaurant POS with these food delivery companies will help you prevent manual errors by ensuring that all orders are fast and accurately prepared for a timely delivery. That will make your online customers return for more.

Keep Track of Your Business Performance

Keep track of your business performance

Our restaurant software gets you detailed business reports to know how exactly you’re performing on these different channels. That is, which online food ordering portal is getting you the most profitable business, what are your best sellers, and more.

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