Getting Started With eZee POS Burrp Configuration
Differentiating Receipts
Change Table
Selecting Item From KOT Screen
Changing Selected Item Quantity
Modify the KOT/Create New KOT in existing KOT
Receipt Modification
Receipt Payment
Receipt Payment - Through Recall Receipt
Receipt Payment - Through Take Away Process
Through Recall Receipt
KOT/ Receipts Transactions
Deleting/Removing Receipts
Reprint Receipts
Other Operations
Peripheral Settings

Getting Started With eZee POS Burrp

eZee POS Burrp is a general purpose, feature filled with Point Of Sale system, tightly integrated with our eZee FrontDesk hotel software. But to work with eZee POS Burrp, you have to perform its related configuration, in eZee POS BackOffice.

eZee POS Burrp comes with the regular interface operated by Keyboard and Mouse as well as Touch Screen interface. You can define items which can be sold across various restaurants you may have, at different rates and by using different codes. You can pre-configure the system to print KOT to Kitchen Printers and Bills to Receipt Printers. eZee POS Burrp comes with handy meaning full reports so that you can minimise on your inventory, check stocks statements quickly and track sales.

eZee POS Burrp is designed with sophisticated graphics which cover all the aspect of the property and leads you to growth. It is a perfect solution for any small or medium properties. This document will surely guide you to perform the basic operations of sales and purchase.

Diffrerentiating Receipts
KOT/ Receipts Transactions
Other Operations