Getting Started With eZee POS Burrp Configuration
Differentiating Receipts
Change Table
Selecting Item From KOT Screen
Changing Selected Item Quantity
Modify the KOT/Create New KOT in existing KOT
Receipt Modification
Receipt Payment
Receipt Payment - Through Recall Receipt
Receipt Payment - Through Take Away Process
Through Recall Receipt
KOT/ Receipts Transactions
Deleting/Removing Receipts
Reprint Receipts
Other Operations
Peripheral Settings

Configuring Appearances
  The very first step to work with eZee POS Burrp is to login. Follow the steps below to login:
When you click on eZee POS Burrp icon on your desktop, your Login Screen appears.

Select the User, its assigned outlets will be listed in the Select Outlet box.

You can either enter the Password in its respective edit box or click on    icon; Enter Password dialog with keyboard gets displayed. Click on the respective keys to enter the Password or place the cursor in the white edit box and enter the password. Click on Finish button or hit Enter to copy the password in its respective edit box and close the Enter Password dialog. Click on  icon to display keyboard alphabets in ascending order. Click on  icon to again display keyboard alphabets in actual keyboard display. Click either on Cancel button or  icon to avoid entering Password and return to Login Screen.

Note: Remember the password is case sensitive.
Select the Outlet.
Click on Login button to get login and display the shift details. Click on Ok button. If your software date and system date are different, it will prompt you message suggesting you to perform night audit. Click on Ok button, eZee Burrp Main Screen gets displayed.
Click on Cancel button to avoid login into eZee POS Burrp.