Table Reservation
Table Reservation

Table Reservation Management

eZee BurrP! offers you a quick and easy solution for table reservation management. The easy-to-understand dine in view of all the tables gives you their current status; while through Queue management you can effortlessly analyze all the tables, which are being waited on, and transactions which are in process.

Create Multiple Menu
Create Multiple Menu

Creating multiple menus

Imagine how easy it would be to switch between different menu types as the day goes! This is why our software gives you the feature to create and manage multiple menus as per your requirements with complete freedom to customize individual menu items, item groups and even item modifiers for each item. For instance, once it is set, you can have a breakfast buffet menu in the mornings and switch to your regular menu during lunch and dinner. This will put an end to the time spent frequently in inspecting the complete menu.

Item Modifiers
Item Modifiers

Order customization with item modifiers

eZee's Restaurant POS is integrated with the option of Item Modifiers so that the staff can modify each item ordered as per the guest request and create various combos. The bifurcated menu items and categories make it easy for you to go back and forth between different menu sections and add items to the order. As a result, taking order in the system becomes a synonym to bliss and comfort.

Different Rates
Rates and Taxes

Different menus with separate rates and taxes

Managing different types menus and at the same time taking care of the rates and taxes can be a cumbersome task. To simplify things, eZee BurrP! allows you to set different rates and taxes for different items while adding up to 5 different rates for an individual item which helps in efficient track of stock and inventory.
Additionally, you can set different rates for dine in, room service, take away and delivery orders. You can even categorize taxes by setting up 4 different tax rates in the system. As per your configuration, you can set different rates of happy hours and prices which automatically change as per set day, date and even time.

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