Know the selling cost of menu item

Now you can calculate selling cost of each item served in the banquet. Cost of each dish is multiplied by the quantity of the item needed. You can then add the selling costs of all the menu items taking the portions for each into consideration. The total costs we get after adding them up is then divided by the number of servings to get the cost-per-person.

Raise Purchase Order in multiple-currencies

You can now raise a purchase order in any currency you require. The Purchase Order and GRN voucher has an option to be printed in multiple currencies [of your choice].

Enter data in past transaction of market list

You’ll be able to add transaction number, date and required fields for the past date while generating the market list, master record. This enables you to get access to all the data that are recorded in the past and can be rectified if required.

Reprint the labels of menu easily

You can now reprint the label. Introduced recently, if the labels of your menu are tampered with or lost or you need to change all of them, you have it all ready to reprint from the system itself.

Easily sync process for loyalty cards

You’ll now be able to sync process for loyalty card. We’ve introduced the sync process for loyalty card Templates, Loyalty card as well as the related transactions except for Reward items, points and Item level discount. And also, all transactions will get synced automatically at the time of day close.

What’s more in the latest release:

  • We’ve introduced the field in eZee POS Back Office -> Windows Receipt Template as it added Transaction Date field in Detail Header – for Windows Template.
  • ​We’ve enhanced the Line Printer template in eZee POS back office as now We’ve the field to set the Room No. in header.
  • ​Successfully implemented the credit card server interface with eZee BurrP!.
  • ​We’ve enhanced the user activity log as now it gives you the clean-up log for Void receipt and Void KOT.
  • ​We’ve enhanced vendor account in eZee POS back office with the credit note option as we’ve the same for the ledger accounts.
  • ​We’ve introduced the Credit/debit note option for the vendor account for the discount or the Good Return purpose.
  • ​We’ve added the Purchase Add/Less option for GRN for the record as there might be the extra loading/unloading or transportation charges needs to be added. There will be no effect of the same on reports.
  • ​​We’ve introduced Market list option with Print and Export facility.

How do you update your system?

Get the Service Pack link from eZee Support (refer to the steps below), execute the application and your system will be updated in a flash.

Quick Guide on How to Install Service Pack

  1. Take the latest backup of the database from the server machine.
  2. Close all eZee applications before executing the Service Pack.
  3. Execute Service Pack on server machine first if the software is installed in a client – server environment.
  4. After installing the Service Pack on a server machine, execute any eZee application on the server machine to reflect the version update.
  5. Repeat the same process on all client terminals where eZee software is installed.

Note: please contact eZee Support to get download link of Service Pack.

We always keep our solutions up-to-date as per ever-changing industry demands. If you face any trouble using eZee Solutions, you can report it on a link given below.

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