Get all these questions answered and obtain solutions to all your problems from the latest version of eZee BurrP!.

Align receipt details right from the arrow keys

Up until now, to align and set the positions of details to be mentioned in a receipt in Windows Printer, you had to make use of the mouse, and change positions by ‘Drag and Drop’ method.

But in this version of eZee BurrP!, you will be able to align the positions using the arrow keys from your keyboard, leading to accurate and precise positioning, leaving no room for lousy display. Additionally, you will also be able to delete the option from the receipt template, right from the keyboard.


Get a preview of templates before use

When you raise a purchase order or indent voucher in the point-of-sale back office, you will now be able to see the details in a preview template before using it on a daily basis. This is to verify the details of the purchase order and indent voucher along with information to be displayed in the template, so as to minimize the possibility of manual errors.

Posing like a trial to the actual template, this feature will help you in confirming the template once before using.


Exclusive rights to view variance in item inventory!

Introducing a new privilege in eZee point-of-sale, which will allow users to hide and show ‘Variance’ column in Physical Stock Taking List.

The variance column indicates the difference between computer stock and physical stock of an item in the store. This column will carry a manual entry done by you to verify the inventory data in a particular store.


What’s more in the latest release:

  • To make the process easier and automated, we have added an option to apply the surcharge amount automatically corresponding to the order types.
  • New privileges introduced:
    1. Allow to change Item Price.
    2. Ask before changing item prices.
    3. Allow to change item name.
    4. Ask before changing item name.
  • For driver routing in eZee BurrP!, waiter’s details will now be getting scanned for proper verification because of the bar code scanning feature we added in the system.
  • In the latest version of eZee BurrP!, we have made the delivery zone selection to be compulsory when taking a Delivery order.
  • For POS+iFeedback integration, we added an option in the POS to test the integration for possible errors.
  • We have now created a new receipt template for BIR configuration. The BIR guest database has details like Guest Name, TIN number of senior citizen and company name. Therefore, to categorize the reports, we formed different format reports for PWD and senior citizens.
  • You will be able to select the fields to be added in CC payment for Windows template.

How do you update your system?

Get the Service Pack link from eZee Support (refer to the steps below), execute the application and your system will be updated in a flash.

A quick guide on How to install Service Pack

  1. Take the latest backup of the database from server machine.
  2. Close all eZee applications before executing the Service Pack.
  3. Execute Service Pack on server machine first if the software is installed in a client – server environment.
  4. After installing the Service Pack on server machine, execute any eZee application on the server machine to reflect the version update.
  5. Repeat the same process on all client terminals where eZee software is installed.

Note: please contact eZee Support to get download links of Service Pack.

We always keep our solutions up-to-date as per ever changing industry demands. If you face any trouble using eZee Solutions, you can report it on link given below.

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