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Add/Void Items

Irrespective of the tricky challenges involved, at the end of the day your main agenda is only to serve your guest to the level of zenith. When it comes to taking orders, guest can change their minds and ask for an item to be removed or added to the order. In that case, can you imagine how tedious it would get to create a new bill every time? Well, our restaurant software has a solution for this as well. You can simply add or void the item to the same bill, and all of the voided items are recorded in the system for reviewing later. Don’t worry; we also give you the option of setting SMS notification so that whenever an item is voided or added, you instantly get a message on your phone, eliminating the possibility of miscommunication.

Split Bills

On many occasions, you would encounter guests requesting to split the bill. In that case, don't make the situation appear chaotic with a disorganized system. Through eZee's restaurant management software you can easily split the bills as per your guest’s requirements. Consequently, you get the flexibility and leeway to split the bill based on amount or an item and even allocate a specific amount to different bills. Need we say more regarding the amount of customer satisfaction it will bring along?

Payment Preferences

Settling of the bill is one thing that should be taken utmost care of. Payment is effortless with eZee BurrP!’s multiple payment options of Cash, Cheque, Debit/Credit Card and Loyalty/Reward Points. Additionally, eZee POS is interfaced with a number of payment gateways and third party loyalty systems available in the industry further facilitating the payment process. For regular guests, the bill can be added to the credit account or added to the room folio of in-house guests. Furthermore, you also get the option of bill editing or exempting a particular tax from any bill at the time of the settlement. In short, any type of payment settlement option - we have it all covered in eZee BurrP!.

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